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What do you mean “obsessed with adagio teas.” <_<  (Taken with Instagram)
Since I don’t have enough pictures of Daisy with her eyes fully open. And I wanted to play around with the app “pick”… Sort of like Japanese instagram with tons of options  (Taken with Instagram)
Thought I felt nostalgic, turns out it is raining. Love this feeling.  (Taken with Instagram)
This is Christmasween, Christmasween, Christmasweeeen! (Taken with Instagram)
Science bros!  (Taken with Instagram)
Really? (Really, Daisy. Really.) (Taken with Instagram)
Dear Trader Joe’s: Thank you, just thank you. Fall is in full swing when EVERYTHING has a pumpkin option.  (Taken with Instagram)
Little preview of the last makeup look. (Taken with Instagram)
View again, these look like Tonka trucks!  (Taken with Instagram)
View 1 from the loft I was shooting at… Very lovely in downtown Long Beach!  (Taken with Instagram)